Pax People specialise in providing independent workplace investigations. Extensive experience and expertise as workplace specialists allows Pax People to provide a unique offering to clients by including recommended actions and solutions to address and resolve issues which have caused workplace disruption. 

Employers must carry out workplace investigations where:

  • an allegation (informal or formal) is made against an employee in relation to workplace behaviour such as allegations of fraud, sexual harassment, bullying, unlawful discrimination, damage or misuse of company property;
  • whistle-blower complaints;
  • an employee has acted against an organisation’s code of conduct or workplace policies and their actions may justify disciplinary action or dismissal; and / or
  • an employee claims they have a ‘workplace right’ or have been subjected to ‘adverse action’ with respect to that right.

Workplace investigations help organisations make decisions based on ‘the facts’

The most important consideration for an organisation is to act only on the basis of findings of fact, not hearsay or suspicions, and to be able to justify every action it takes in relation to informal or formal allegations, employee conduct and workplace rights.

In our investigations, we explore the information and circumstances of the alleged incident(s) in forensic detail.  This typically includes interviewing relevant people, examining documents, data and identifying any mitigating circumstances.

At the conclusion of our investigation, we will prepare a report which outlines whether allegations are substantiated or unsubstantiated (findings of fact) and why the finding of fact has been made.  In other words, an organisation can make decisions based ‘on the facts’.

Unique expertise in recommending workplace solutions based on findings of fact

Unlike many other workplace investigators, in our final report, we offer recommendations about next steps and possible solutions relating to the incident and broader matters that may arise throughout the investigation.  These recommendations which are based on our extensive experience working within organisations as workplace experts, are extremely valuable and highly effective to an organisation in making necessary changes and achieving sustainable positive outcomes.

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