Resolve negative conflict within the workplace quickly and effectively to save time, money and re-establish productive and healthy relationships and environments. 

Where workplace conflict arises, Pax People has a proven track record of restoring productive working relationships and positive working environments quickly and effectively via Mediation and/or Conflict Management Coaching.

Workplace conflict is not uncommon and healthy conflict is often part of a diverse and productive working environment.  Negative workplace conflict can, at times, escalate quickly and result in disruption to business relationships and/or the workplace, lead to expensive and damaging legal matters and have a lasting negative impact.

Mediation and Conflict Management Coaching are both confidential and voluntary processes that are aimed at resolving conflict.  Mediation and Conflict Coaching empowers individuals to understand the conflict they are experiencing and engage in a process where they make the decisions about how to best resolve the conflict in s realistic and sustainable way.  Mediation and Conflict Management Coaching also provides a workplace with a fast, affordable resolution to conflict which court or other legal processes do not.

Pax People are Nationally Accredited Mediators (NMAS), trained Conflict Management Coaches, and former workplace senior executives with extensive corporate experience.

Mediation and Conflict Management Coaching are highly effective in a range of workplace situations including:

  • Incidents of bullying, harassment and discrimination
  • Communication breakdown 
  • Leadership and work style differences 
  • Interpersonal conflict 
  • Business disputes between organisations
  • Conflict about employment terms and conditions 
  • Changing work conditions or locations 
  • Lack of clarity or understanding of workplace role requirements 

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