We Offer Experienced and Effective Workplace Mediation in the Corporate Environment

Our knowledge of workplace mediation and conflict coaching provides companies with successful conflict resolution solutions that are quick, practical and sustainable. Talk to us to reduce business and legal risk caused by unresolved disputes.

The Benefits of Corporate Mediation

Restore safe, healthy and productive workplace relationships before a workplace grievance escalates and disrupts your business. We offer voluntary, tailored, impartial services to resolve matters of conflict both before and after legal processes commence.

  • Restorative Discussions: Prevent the negative, damaging and expensive impact resulting from ongoing conflict via restorative discussions. We employ a unique combination of conflict coaching, facilitated discussions and mediation to meet your particular needs.
  • Conflict Coaching & Mediation: Our conflict coaches are certified in the globally recognised CINERGY © conflict management coaching model and are able to identify and address specific concerns to ensure sustainable resolution outcomes. Pax People Resolutions’ workplace mediators are Nationally Accredited Mediators (NMAS) and former senior executives who have wide-ranging corporate experience. In addition, our team encompasses licensed family dispute resolution practitioners who are substantially qualified to manage highly charged emotional matters in all workplace settings and secure outcomes taking into account the well-being and mental health of all concerned.
  • Tailored Conflict Resolution: We provide tailored solutions in situations where employees lack understanding and clarity regarding workplace roles, workplace expectations or a change in their employment conditions. We manage discord related to employment arrangements, disputes between organisations; interpersonal or leadership style disagreements; communication breakdowns, and unsubstantiated grievances about discrimination, harassment or bullying
  • We Meet the Needs of Employee(s) and the Organisation. Our restorative workplace processes and practices take multiple aspects of any dispute into account. For example, we consider the needs of people, the requirements of the organisation or company, and possible solutions to repair the working relationship to meet immediate and future needs.
  • We help People Restore their Workplace Relationships to Bring their Best Selves to Work. We bring people affected by conflict together in a safe and confidential environment where they can freely express their concerns and achieve clarity about the situation that is troubling them. Our purpose is to help people reach a shared understanding, find creative ways to manage their conflict and restore healthy working relationships.

Utilise our quality commercial advice and services about workplace conflict and make an immediate positive impact. We offer easily understandable, professional input that reassures all participants and restores your business to being fully functional with risks appropriately managed.

How Much Do You Know About Mediation in the Workplace?

You may ask yourself: “What is mediation in the workplace, and why does my company need it?” A business cannot operate optimally if disagreements between management and employees remain up in the air.

  • Conflict is harmful in business and stressful for people.  Ongoing conflict harms relationships, erodes trust, decreases staff motivation, lowers morale and increases stress. It may result in absenteeism, feelings of insecurity, and resignations. Such obstacles lead to reduced performance that affects productivity and the bottom line.
  • Mediation Assists with Communication. Our mediators make it possible for opposing parties to communicate their positions with respect, identify their needs and use innovative problem-solving techniques to reach an agreement.
  • Mediation enables Parties to decide the outcome for them.  A mediator equips people with control over how to handle their differences and to negotiate an outcome they are willing to uphold. Mediation is an effective alternative to formal legal processes such as litigation. Mediation does not result in an enforced solution, as per a court process.
  • Mediation is cost effective, quick and avoids costly legal processes.  Business mediation offers your organisation the opportunity to negotiate and settle conflicts with the assistance of a qualified and neutral third party. Our qualifications and experience enable us to deal with emotionally charged situations in a structured, safe and highly effective way, helping you identify and assess different alternatives and reach an agreement. In addition, mediation is significantly less expensive than litigation and a court trial or hearing where a judge makes a final ruling.

Successful mediation involves understanding what is important to individuals, exploring the issues between them, generating possible solutions, and agreeing mutually acceptable resolutions to the conflict. Parties are usually highly satisfied after a mediation and return to work with a new level of energy and enthusiasm!

Leadership and Conflict Coaching in Sydney and Australia-wide Addresses

Pax People Resolutions offers customised human resources consulting and support services, plus coaching. We are highly skilled at dealing with complicated workplace concerns and conflict.

  • We help people who are new to leadership.  Our coaching programs in Sydney and Australia-wide aid people who move into leadership roles through their career transition to leading a team. Additional coaching Enhances the abilities of those who are already in positions of authority. We assist when individuals need to change their behaviour patterns and to align their conduct with your organisation’s values.
  • We tailor our programs to individual needs. We adapt our programs to the individual or company’s specific needs and focus on fostering engagement, enhancing potential and boosting the well-being of all to strengthen performance. Our coaching techniques include a range of pragmatic and practical models suited to your business and the needs of your people.
  • We conduct conflict resolution for teams and individuals. Our services include conflict coaching for teams and individuals to address existing and continuing problems and conduct. We teach people strategies and processes involved in workplace talent management and develop initiatives to help achieve the organisation’s goals.
  • We can help you with workplace change. We have significant experience in assisting organisations with restructuring, re-organising its people and the communication processes necessary regarding fundamental changes and implementation.
  • We are qualified, experienced and have a proven track record of success.  Our workplace investigators, mediators and HR consultants are certified coaches with years of professional and practical experience in psychology, dispute resolution, human resources, and law.
  • We will positively impact your business.  Our time-efficient and cost-effective contributions will have a significant positive impact on your company. We also offer personalised coaching and advice to individuals, so why not view our clients?

Why You Should Use Pax People for a Workplace Investigation

We conduct unbiased, independent workplace investigations confidentially and discreetly, reaching conclusions based on provable and evidence-based facts.

  • We are highly qualified and experienced in Human Resources, psychology and law so we know what to look for and what questions to ask to get to the bottom of the matter.
  • We look into workplace complaints by whistle-blowers, allegations of fraud, wrongful use of or damage to company property, breaches of company policies and codes of conduct, and claims that employers have disregarded workers’ rights.
  • You will receive a professional, formal and independent evidence-based report of our findings. Our report will also include recommendations concerning decisions about the investigation’s findings that you may have to make to minimise and manage risk.

We offer an initial no-obligation conversation about your unique situation. Let us help you determine the best way to conduct a workplace investigation to properly manage the circumstances and risks in your workplace.

Contact us via telephone or email.  Please also see our website at www.paxpeople.com.au

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